I love Chalkboard Paint – Take 2


We had so much fun painting our wine glasses with chalkboard paint that I couldn’t wait to use the paint again!

I found these perfect new coasters at the thrift store for under $3.00. I knew right away that I would either use mod podge or paint on these.

So what if your guests aren’t drinking wine? Now they can write their name on their coaster and always know who’s’ drink is who’s. That’s of course only if you always use your coaster.

I used painters tape around the tile after I slightly sanded the surface and wiped it down with a damp cloth.

I then painted 2 coats of paint, the 2nd after the first coat was dry. I love how fast chalkboard paint dries. Peeled the tape after letting them dry for a few hours and voila!

I’ve read it’s best to use chalk on them right away and dry wipe it all over and off so that when you use it the first time and write something on it for hours it wont leave the stain of the original letters behind. Kind of like priming the paint.

Now my coasters and wine glasses are set for entertaining.


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