I love reusing T shirts. It seems we always have too many shirts that just don’t fit right or are old and just taking up space. This is an easy way to turn a T shirt into a reusable bag, another thing we all need nowadays.

All you’ll need is a T shirt, the bigger the shirt the bigger the bag will be, scissors, safety pin and a plate to use as a guide for cutting  the shape out.

First cut the arms off your shirt. Follow the seam as your guide. Save these arms.

Next lay the plate over the neck line for a guide and cut the half moon shape out. This material you can throw out, or keep as scraps.




Next cut slits in the hem. I cut 3 in front, 3 in back and 1 on each side.









Then I cut each sleeve into 4 strips, 8 in total. Pull on these tightly to make them thin and long, like fringe.

Grab your safety pin and pin to the end of a strip that’s now cut into long strips. Use the pin to pull the strips through the slits until both sides of strips are hanging out. Once all are through the shirt, pull them tight. Tie each strip the one across from each other, front to back, then the left to left side and right to right sides. Make sure to double knot. This is the bottom of the bag and needs to be nice and strong.








I left the strings hanging. I like the fringe look with this hippie like bag.

Now throw your DIY T Shirt bag in your car so you don’t forget to use it when needed! Earth Day is coming up and this is a perfect project to make every day into Earth Day!

DIY reusable bag from an old T Shirt


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