This week’s blog should be called RepurposingDad. My husband actually put this robot together. But I did save, and I cleaned all the canisters to reuse. So it was a joint effort after all.

My son is having his 1st birthday party in a week and we are doing a robot theme. I thought it would be fun to make our own mascot out of reused pieces. I got this idea from my nephew. He made his own robot similar to what we made. I wish we had a picture of his to share.

Obviously this would be a fun project for an older boy.

What we used: soup cans, baby formula canister, tin cookie square box, silver paint, screws and a drill and a pop rivet gun. I have never heard of this rivet gun tool until my husband used it. You know, it’s a super handy craft tool to have that costs about$20.

Here’s our robot. Next we need a face, maybe I’ll grab my extra buttons for eyes. Then we need to name him, or her!

Thank you Hubby!

DIY Robot – Reusing Cans and Tins


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