DIY Decoupage


I found the recipe to make decoupage. The best part about this is I didn’t even have to leave the house for the ingredients. Elmer’s Glue and water 50/50.  Then shake! So easy. I should have called this blog re-purposing glue.  This could also be fun gift for your crafting friends, just decorate the jar with a cute label.

I made this in a glass dip jar I saved to reuse.

Time to decoupage!

I’ve been wanting to decoupage some letters for my son’s room. I saved a cute guitar onesie that I loved on him as an infant to use. It’s a small onesie so I only had enough fabric for 2 out of the 4 letters. I think a rock and roll/ Beatles theme for him would be perfect.

I used the decoupage, paint brush and card board for the working surface. Then I cut out the fabric to fit the letter and painted/soaked the fabric to the letter and let it dry over night. I love how it turned out. Just need to hang them up now.


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