More Purposes for Chalk Board Paint


We bought chalk board paint for my daughter’s room when we first started the nursery 3 years ago. I’ve been waiting to use it because I realized I should wait until she would know the difference between which walls she could write on and not write on. We aren’t ready for that yet. So I found other fun ways to use this paint I’ve been dying to use for years now!

We are having a wine dinner party sometime this summer and I found a great way to keep track of the wine glasses. There are so many ways to tag your glass like those pretty little rings around the stem but what about writing your name in chalk on your glass? Super cute and fun!

We had several different glasses that you get free with wine tasting. I grabbed six from 3 different vineyards and we painted the bottoms just barely up the the stem. And now I have a matching set of 6 wine glasses!

All you need are wine glasses, chalk board paint, painters tape, a paint brush and a surface to paint on like card board.

We painted them last night with 2 coats and they dried really fast. This morning I woke up to my name written on one of them. The husband couldn’t resist before leaving to work. This was a fun project and can’t wait to use these with friends. Remember to hand wash these. Think of the possibilities of chalk board paint. Glasses, coasters, place mats, etc. I can go on and on. I’ll be painting for weeks!


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