Recreated a Photobooth


Photo booths are so hip right now for Wedding Receptions and big parties. I get it. They are so much fun! But if you cant shell out the big cash to rent one, why not make one? Well kind of a photo booth.

I saw this craft and thought what a great way to keep reusing a large frame for parties and photo ops.  Tomorrow we’ll be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dinner so this frame fits right in.

My daughter and I got her washable paints out and painted a Leprechaun hat, rainbow and pot o’gold.  Now everyone gets to be a Lucky Leprechaun for a photo! This is super fun and you can change these out for other ideas, like Easter Bunny or Santa and Elves, etc. How about a bide for her shower?

Just drew, colored, cut out the card board, and glued it with a glue gun. I used a tongue depressor to glue the hat as well.

My daughter and husband were kind enough to be the models. I’m sure we’ll have more after dinner Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Haha super cute! I think you should put a sheet up as a background though. I thought about the yummy food you made last time for st pattys day and my mouth started to water. I hope the dinner is great tonight!

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