I wish I had a walk in closet, not for my clothes, but for all my jewelry. I LOVE jewelry and wish I could showcase it all. I have a great jewelry curio but I still can’t see all my jewelry to remember what I have.

So this is a fun way to showcase some dangling earrings. I have a really cute frame that the glass cover broke out of, so it’s perfect to use. I got out my scrap material, ribbons, scissors, glue gun and picture frame. That’s all you need.

The material I picked has a  landscape print. So I picked the picture I wanted to frame. I measured with the backing of the frame and added 1/4 inch more around each side. Then I added hot glue to all the edges and folded it over the back of the frame. Next I grabbed the ribbon and cut 3 of the same pieces since that’s all my small frame would fit.  Again I glued these each around the back of the frame. I added hot glue to the center of each ribbon strip to secure it from the weight of earrings.

Can you imagine how cute this would look with a large vintage frame you can find at a thrift store? Spray paint it and pick out some fancy fabric to cover half your wall with. Then you could fit all your large dangles. I think I may need to do that with my daughter’s room when we pierce her ears.

How shabby chic! Can’t wait!

Showcasing Jewelry by Repurposing a Frame


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