Repurposing Crayons into Art


This project has been all over Pinterest. It’s such a fun art project I just couldn’t resist. It was the perfect way to reuse the box of 64 crayons that was a gift to my daughter. The crayons are NOT washable so it was good we found something else to do with them then let my almost 3 year old color all over with them šŸ™‚

First I put the colors in order how I wanted it to look. I went for the classic rainbow order. I left out the browns, black and white, since not all 64 would fit on this small canvas.

I then hot glued them to the top of the canvas. I kept it uniform, gluing each one on the same side.

After I let it sit a while I got the hair dryer out and away we went! My daughter sat and watched loving the melted colors, screaming “more purple!” or “nice pink!” I set the hair dryer on high heat and medium blow since the high sent melted colors around as you can see on the bottom. More Pollock looking but still fun! After about 60 seconds the crayons began to melt and drip down.

This was a fun and easy art project. I think it looks really cute up in the kid’s room.

A perfect rainbow for Spring time.


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