Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine’s Day is so different now for me since I’ve had children. It’s a lot of fun with kids now. There are so many things I want to do when they are in school and this Valentine’s card is one of them.

All you need is a camera, printer, razor blade and lollipop for each card.

I had my daughter stand in front of our white front door for a plain back ground and asked her to hold out her hand and make a fist, while smiling. She always does great. My 10 month old just watches and routes her on.

Once I had a photo I liked I wrote “Happy Valentines” on it through a computer program. This is where you can personalize each one if you wanted. Or a sharpie can work too.

Next I printed the picture and then used the razor blade to make 2 slices at the top and bottom of her fist in the picture. Keep the slices pretty small to fit a lollipop tightly through the photo.

Look how cute this Valentine’s or any type of home-made card can be! I loved how this turned out.



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