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I wish I had a walk in closet, not for my clothes, but for all my jewelry. I LOVE jewelry and wish I could showcase it all. I have a great jewelry curio but I still can’t see all my jewelry to remember what I have.

So this is a fun way to showcase some dangling earrings. I have a really cute frame that the glass cover broke out of, so it’s perfect to use. I got out my scrap material, ribbons, scissors, glue gun and picture frame. That’s all you need.

The material I picked has a  landscape print. So I picked the picture I wanted to frame. I measured with the backing of the frame and added 1/4 inch more around each side. Then I added hot glue to all the edges and folded it over the back of the frame. Next I grabbed the ribbon and cut 3 of the same pieces since that’s all my small frame would fit.  Again I glued these each around the back of the frame. I added hot glue to the center of each ribbon strip to secure it from the weight of earrings.

Can you imagine how cute this would look with a large vintage frame you can find at a thrift store? Spray paint it and pick out some fancy fabric to cover half your wall with. Then you could fit all your large dangles. I think I may need to do that with my daughter’s room when we pierce her ears.

How shabby chic! Can’t wait!

Showcasing Jewelry by Repurposing a Frame


Just one more blog for Valentine’s Day! This one is fun and easy to do with the kids.

First I saved paper towel rolls and folded 3 of them down the middle into a heart shape days before so it would stick.

Next I got my daughter’s paints out and she helped me paint the paper towel rolls. While they were still wet I threw some glitter over them.

I let those dry over night and the next day I cut them into 1 inch pieces in the shape of hearts.

Lastly I glued each piece together and made garland to decorate for our Valentine’s Day play date.

There are lots of other things you can do like a heart wreath or any kind of 3D Art.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Repurposing a Paper Towel Roll for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine’s Day is so different now for me since I’ve had children. It’s a lot of fun with kids now. There are so many things I want to do when they are in school and this Valentine’s card is one of them.

All you need is a camera, printer, razor blade and lollipop for each card.

I had my daughter stand in front of our white front door for a plain back ground and asked her to hold out her hand and make a fist, while smiling. She always does great. My 10 month old just watches and routes her on.

Once I had a photo I liked I wrote “Happy Valentines” on it through a computer program. This is where you can personalize each one if you wanted. Or a sharpie can work too.

Next I printed the picture and then used the razor blade to make 2 slices at the top and bottom of her fist in the picture. Keep the slices pretty small to fit a lollipop tightly through the photo.

Look how cute this Valentine’s or any type of home-made card can be! I loved how this turned out.


Repurposed Dryer Lint into Kindling


This blog is for all my fire loving friends. This is great for camping bonfires, those out door fire pits, and wood burning fire places.

I love how I get to re-purpose 2 items for kindling.  Just save your dryer lint and pack a bunch into your finished toilet paper roll and now you have instant kindling.


I read that the lint from your linens, cotton and wool, burn cleaner then polyester in clothing. To keep these safe a dry in your camping gear, you can pack a bunch of these rolls into a large empty coffee canister. That would make 3 items re-purposed!  Keeping them in a zip lock bag works just as well.



We used our kindling last night in our outdoor fire pit and the smell made me miss camping so much! We’ll go again when the kids get a bit older. Can’t wait. Now enjoy some smores by your fire.