I love reading and even belong to a monthly Book Club. Even though I read most of my books on my E-Reader, I still love books and book markers.

After looking through my scraps and some internet research I found a simple and fun way to make a book mark with just the use of ribbon, a hair band, (had a bag full of new ones in my makeup kit) a button, and a needle and thread or sewing machine. I didn’t feel like getting my machine out for just a few simple stitches so I did it by hand.

First I cut 17 inches of ribbon. Next I double folded one end with the hair band inside. I hand stitched this side twice over to make sure it was strong.  I then found a button to match and sewed it to the opposite side.  This should fit around a medium to large book.

I did 2 slightly different book marks. One gathered at the button and one not gathered.

There are so many different things that can be added to the markers as a personalized gift. This was so easy and fun and I already had everything in my scrap pile to make it. Enjoy!

Reusing scraps to make ribbon bookmarks.


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  1. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! Even if you don’t use them as bookmarks, on old hardbacks on a shelf this could really add a creative touch. Love it! Love your blog.

    And, shameless self promotion, …I’d be thrilled if you’d encourage your book club to read my book. LatherRinseRepeatthenovel.com. In fact, if you’d like, I can drop the rate, just for your readers 😉 (just let me know and I’ll set it up). It is a mother-daughter story, easy read, that is sure to speak to you and the readers of this blog (mommies!!). Plus, I’d love the feedback from the group – even if it is critical 😉

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