What to do with those scraps of material


My scrap material pile was starting to get a little too large. I always save scraps from projects since you never know what you can use them for. I’m addicted to the website Pinterest, as most of us, where I find so many fun crafts to do. I found how to make scrap flowers you can make into pins or wraps. These are cute on scarves, headbands cardigans and even presents.

First I drew a flower template on card stock. Then traced and cut out 8 flowers from different materials. One flower I made of 3 different scraps that matched. A dark gray French toile, plain dark gray and some black lace for fun. The 2nd flower I made with all green T shirt material.

The gray flower I folded 4 of the flowers, gluing with a glue gun into the first fold, then the 2nd, on each flower. You can use felt as the backing of the flower to keep it stiff and to glue upon. I used a denim patch since that’s what I had on hand. After 4 flowers are folded and glued down, I glued one unfolded flower of black lace. Next layer I folded only 3 flowers and glued down. Next I added again 1 layer of black lace unfolded. Last top layer is a single flat flower unfolded and glued down. I glued a button, from my vast button collection, in the center to give it a fun finished look. I finished this flower off with gluing a pin to the back. So easy and cute. What a sweet personalized gift this could be as well.

The 2nd green flower I made was the same thing, without the lace and pin. I cut an extra long piece of the T shirt fabric and glued it to the back so I could tie this flower on anything instead of pinning. Fun and safe for little girls. This T shirt was an old skate shirt I loved and I couldn’t part with the front logo completely so I cut the top flower from it. I also added a small button to the center. This one is kind of funky but it shows you what you can do with a logo if you wanted to use it.

Both flowers are fun and easy to make and use. You can get so creative with fabric, buttons and vintage jewelry if you wanted to add to the center. Cute to add to any outfit or give as a gift.


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