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I love reading and even belong to a monthly Book Club. Even though I read most of my books on my E-Reader, I still love books and book markers.

After looking through my scraps and some internet research I found a simple and fun way to make a book mark with just the use of ribbon, a hair band, (had a bag full of new ones in my makeup kit) a button, and a needle and thread or sewing machine. I didn’t feel like getting my machine out for just a few simple stitches so I did it by hand.

First I cut 17 inches of ribbon. Next I double folded one end with the hair band inside. I hand stitched this side twice over to make sure it was strong.  I then found a button to match and sewed it to the opposite side.  This should fit around a medium to large book.

I did 2 slightly different book marks. One gathered at the button and one not gathered.

There are so many different things that can be added to the markers as a personalized gift. This was so easy and fun and I already had everything in my scrap pile to make it. Enjoy!

Reusing scraps to make ribbon bookmarks.


This was a fun project with my daughter this week. She loves her scrambled egg in the morning so we go through quite a bit of egg cartons. I usually just recycle these but found a fun way to reuse them. We decided to make another bird feeder for the garden. My kids and I love to watch the birds eat while we play outside.

So I cut the top/lid of the carton off and had my daughter decorate it with stickers. I think maybe coloring it might work better since the stickers were having a hard time sticking. But she had fun none the less. Next we cut 2 pieces of twine to wrap around both sides to hold it up steady. We then filled it up with bird seed and my husband hung it up outside for us.

Every time my 2.5 -year-old daughter saw birds, while we were out doing errands the next day, she told them to “Come to my house to eat bird food.” It was the cutest. When we got home we played outside and took pictures of a visitor. Looks like squirrels haven’t found it yet, since it isn’t on the ground yet.

A girl friend of mine also sent me a picture of how she recently used an egg carton to organize her jewelry. This is a great way to actually see the jewelry we forget we have! She cut the carton to fit her jewelry drawer. Great organization idea!

Fun re-uses with egg cartons

Repurposing Beauty Tips


I just ran out of shaving cream in the shower. What can I use?

You know what I’ve found that works even better then shaving cream?  Hair conditioner is a great replacement. Its cheaper then shaving cream and it moisturizes your legs so much more.

I’m going away for the weekend and don’t want to pack a whole bunch of makeup with me. What can I live without?

Well you can condense your makeup by using a neutral pink color lipstick as crème blush for your cheeks, a good neutral base for your eye lids and lips of course. Or use a crème blush for your cheeks and lips.

I woke up late and now have no time to wash my hair and it looks greasy!

If you wear your hair in a part you can powder it. Use your every day loose face powder and brush and just swipe it and dab it a few times. The powder will absorb the oil for a little while.

I just used the rest room in the restaurant and saw how oily my face is and I brought nothing in with me!

Grab a toilet seat cover and blot. The seat covers are just about the same material as oil blotting tissues and work just as good.

I have so much loose eye shadow. Can I use it for anything else besides eye shadow?

Eye pigment does last forever.  A little goes a long way. Get your eye liner brush out, add a dab of water and now you can make any color liquid eyeliner.  Same with an eye shadow brush. Add some water and now you have face paint or cream style eye shadow. Lasts much longer then powder and makes a darker more vibrant color.

Grab your clear nail polish and you can make any nail color  the same way by dipping the nail brush into loose pigment, eye shadow.

Fun tip about a shimmer eye shadow: after applying lipstick, just dab the center of both top and bottom lip with a shimmer eye shadow. This gives the impression of fuller lips.