Reusing Baby Food Jars Part 2


From children’s snow globes to a wedding’s candles. These jars are great for so many great crafts.

A close friend of mine just got married. She reused wine bottles for vases and the baby food jar candles I made for the tables. Everything looked so pretty and colorful. It’s just so smart to reuse nowadays!

My inspiration for the jars were the bride’s shoes. Black lace over her white heels. So I bought black lace, spray adhesive and got out the silver glitter.

I measured and cut the black lace for 20 baby food jars. I bought a yard’s worth and figured I’d have some left over for other projects. Who doesn’t love lace? And besides, I had a 40% off coupon for the material.

I sprayed the jars with adhesive, outside, and applied the pre-cut lace. Then I rolled the still sticky jars into some silver glitter I had sprinkled on a large card board. The little bit of glitter just gave the candle a bit more shine when it was lit after dark.


Since we were only putting a small tea light in each jar, I thought to add sand to bring the flame up half way. My husband took a bucket and had it filled with sand and it cost him 30 cents. I didn’t realize sand was so cheap, and we barely used  any of it. More leftovers for future projects I’m sure.

I, and thank goodness the bride, were really pleased with the way it turned out.

Congratulations to the Huhtalas!         


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