Reusing Baby Food Jars Part 1


I belong to a great Mommy group. The San Fernando Valley New and Expecting Parents Meet up. We all get together quite often with the little ones. Sometimes we even do craft projects. I thought this would be such a fun idea when I saw all the great things we could make with baby food jars.

I had a ton of jars to re-use so I invited 15 Moms and their little ones over to make snow globes for the holidays. These turned out so cute!

All that is needed is baby food jars, plastic figurines, distilled water, glycerin, glue and glitter.

My husband helped a few days before the meet up by sanding the inside of the clean lid and then using epoxy to glue the figurines down.  We let the lids dry a few days out in the garage since the smell is so strong. I didn’t want any of the children near that stuff.

They were all perfectly dried and smell free a few days later when the kids were able to choose which figurine they wanted.

Then the parent filled the jar with distilled water and a few drops of glycerin.

Glycerin just keeps the glitter from falling too fast. Last, each child picked the color of glitter to add.  Some even added it themselves.  Twist the lid on tight and shake! This was so simple and so cute.  The kids loved their snow globes and it was a great play date.


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