I must have got my love for wine from my Father. When I asked him if he had any wine corks I could take to add to mine to re-purpose he gave me a ton!

Thank goodness since I used every single one of them. Corks are so versatile and fun to use. A few years back I purchased a cork board making kit for my Father and he used a few wine corks then.

Cork boards are easy and fun to make and are very useful for all those notes and reminders. A kit really isn’t needed though to make a board. Get to your local thrift store and buy a nice wood picture frame.  Fill in with the corks and glue together with a glue gun. Same idea works for making a trivet. Pretty soon you’ll have a wine inspired kitchen.

Last night I decided to make a wreath instead. I was inspired by the season of wreaths. This kind of wreath you could actually use year round on your door if you wanted to. First, I purchased a 14″  hay wreath from a large craft store for under $5.

Next, you glue the corks on the inside in an even fashion. Keep gluing the complete surface so you cover as much as the hay as possible. Once this is done, the fun starts. Start gluing creatively covering small spots and making the most use of the burgundy stained bottoms. The color is so pretty. Once you used all the corks and it’s completely dried add a ribbon, bow or any type of decoration to personalize it.

I love the way this looks! What a great house warming or gift for the Holidays.

Thanks Dad. Now let’s go wine tasting!

Put a cork in it


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  1. looks cool! going to have to make one like that for me, I think I have enough corks for that. These have been about 7 years of saving them. they add up quickly.

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