Boxes are kids and pets bestfriends


With two small children I do a lot of shopping online. So I get tons of boxes delivered. Most of the time my husband cuts them up for recycling, but we got a giant one this week and we just had to make something with it! Besides, kids and pets usually always  have more fun with the box then the gift at first, right? Simple is always better.

My husband made this box into a doll house with help of our daughter.

First he cut off the box flaps. He turned these into the house’s pitched roof with tape and scissors. One box flap was used to make the floor of the second story, again with just packing tape.

He then used a small shoe box and a raisin box to measure the windows and door. You can even just use a ruler. So simple.

If you want to make this into a full day’s event, grab the markers or paint and get outside and go to town decorating the house.  Kids love the freedom of creating.

You can also make a dog house for the pets to play in or a dog/doll house for the kids’ stuffed animals. It can be a fun organizational box for the toys.

My daughter used the new doll house for her little people right away. I think tomorrow we’ll get the crayons out and color the house.  Perfect project for a cold rainy day inside.


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