You know that t shirt you just can’t throw away?

That t shirt that just doesn’t fit right or the shirt that’s in your to donate bag. Well I found 2 fun ways to turn it into a scarf without sewing. It’s the perfect season to get those scarves out, so why not make some?

This super cute fringe scarf is so simple. get your t shirt and cut the top off right under the arms. from the hem line cut up 1/3 of the way into strips. When done cutting pull each strip pretty hard until they curl up. Pull it around your neck and now you have a perfect fringe scarf.

Second simple t shirt scarf is made with just 2 cuts. first cut the hem off the bottom and second cut the top off under the arms. Then pull and pull as hard and much as possible. Stretch the material until it wont stretch anymore. I even put it under my foot and pulled up. Put the shirt around your neck, loop it and pin it with your favorite broach.


I love how easy these scarves are. If you have a lot of shirts you’re just not wearing why not make some scarves as home made stocking stuffers.  Try grabbing one of your husband’s larger shirts. Large ones are even better! Soon we’ll play with making broaches with fun things at home.

You know that t shirt you just can’t throw away?


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