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Reusing Thanksgiving Leftovers – yummmmmm


Thanksgiving leftovers

Here’s a quick blog for this busy holiday week.  Some fun ideas on how to re-use thanksgiving leftovers.

Besides the best turkey cranberry leftover sandwiches or soups, there are some fun ways to reuse leftovers that don’t taste like leftovers. One good way to reuse your leftovers, and this goes for lots of different meals, is to bake leftovers in bell peppers. Top the pepper with a bit of cheese and heat up in the oven until the top is golden brown. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

Scramble up some leftovers in the morning eggs.  Or cook them in an omelet.

Throw it all together and make a Thanksgiving pot pie or casserole.

My son can’t wait until he can eat a real Thanksgiving meal!

I have a small obsession with wonton wrappers. There are thousands of great food items to stuff into wonton wrappers. Try filling them with stuffing, turkey and mashed potatoes, or whatever you left over. Fry them up and dip into gravy or cranberry sauce.  You can do the same with egg roll wrappers.

You can also bake wonton wrappers instead of frying. Stick individual wrappers in a muffin tin, making a small cup, and bake at 350 for 5 minutes. Make sure you spray the muffin tin first. After baked, let cups cool, then fill with left over ingredients.  Bake again to heat up at same temperature for 10 -15 minutes. When ready to serve dollop the top with gravy or cranberry sauce. These are so good!

I even saw a fun recipe online for frying fresh left over green beans in tempura.

Why not try a mashed potato and turkey croquettes?  Stir together your leftovers and make into balls. Then roll into the flour, beaten egg and last in bread crumbs. Cook balls in olive oil until golden brown.  Again use gravy or cranberry as dipping sauce.

Then again maybe you won’t even have leftovers.  Enjoy and be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!


Boxes are kids and pets bestfriends


With two small children I do a lot of shopping online. So I get tons of boxes delivered. Most of the time my husband cuts them up for recycling, but we got a giant one this week and we just had to make something with it! Besides, kids and pets usually always  have more fun with the box then the gift at first, right? Simple is always better.

My husband made this box into a doll house with help of our daughter.

First he cut off the box flaps. He turned these into the house’s pitched roof with tape and scissors. One box flap was used to make the floor of the second story, again with just packing tape.

He then used a small shoe box and a raisin box to measure the windows and door. You can even just use a ruler. So simple.

If you want to make this into a full day’s event, grab the markers or paint and get outside and go to town decorating the house.  Kids love the freedom of creating.

You can also make a dog house for the pets to play in or a dog/doll house for the kids’ stuffed animals. It can be a fun organizational box for the toys.

My daughter used the new doll house for her little people right away. I think tomorrow we’ll get the crayons out and color the house.  Perfect project for a cold rainy day inside.


I love everything about wine. I love wine tasting, the smell, the vineyards and even the empty bottles.  There are so many fun things to do with recycled wine bottles.

One thing we do is the easiest, we recycle.  Grandpa actually takes them to a recycling center and gets cash for them along with other glass and plastic bottles and we add every cent to the kid’s savings acct. We have been doing this since my daughter was born in 2009 and she actually has more money in her savings then we have in ours. Not that that’s hard.  Two kids are expensive!

My second favorite thing to do with empty wine glasses is to make lights out of them. My close friend Gina (SassyCrafts on facebook) does this and gave me one a while back as a gift. It made the best night light in the kitchen for making my daughter’s bottles in the middle of the night. I don’t like to turn on the bright kitchen light and wake anyone up if I don’t have to.  These can also be such great hostess gifts. Lots of us will be heading to someone’s house this season for a beautiful dinner, why not bring a wine light as a gift and or center piece?  There are so many variations of lights you can make. I recommend getting the shortest smallest lights, not over 30, since the bottles can get hot to the touch.  Also buy extra small strands right after Christmas when everything is on clearance. You can make these wine lights all year round.


Just recently I found my third favorite use for them. A friend of ours is getting married and they are using empty wine bottles as all the flower center pieces for their wedding.  Or you can use them for your holiday dinner coming up! Throw in some shorter beer bottles to mix it up as well. The pictures show how colorful, beautiful and eclectic it can be. I even got to use the last of my wild flowers of the season from our back yard. I love this look!  I wish I had done this at my wedding 5 years ago.  What a great way to reuse! I think it’s good luck for the couple to reuse at a wedding, right!?



You know that t shirt you just can’t throw away?

That t shirt that just doesn’t fit right or the shirt that’s in your to donate bag. Well I found 2 fun ways to turn it into a scarf without sewing. It’s the perfect season to get those scarves out, so why not make some?

This super cute fringe scarf is so simple. get your t shirt and cut the top off right under the arms. from the hem line cut up 1/3 of the way into strips. When done cutting pull each strip pretty hard until they curl up. Pull it around your neck and now you have a perfect fringe scarf.

Second simple t shirt scarf is made with just 2 cuts. first cut the hem off the bottom and second cut the top off under the arms. Then pull and pull as hard and much as possible. Stretch the material until it wont stretch anymore. I even put it under my foot and pulled up. Put the shirt around your neck, loop it and pin it with your favorite broach.


I love how easy these scarves are. If you have a lot of shirts you’re just not wearing why not make some scarves as home made stocking stuffers.  Try grabbing one of your husband’s larger shirts. Large ones are even better! Soon we’ll play with making broaches with fun things at home.

You know that t shirt you just can’t throw away?