Save Those Buttons!


I have always saved the extra buttons you get from certain clothes you buy and have accumulated quite a number of them now.  I’ve always just kept them for “just in case” but there are some great things you can do with buttons that have nothing to do with clothes. I have to admit, I didn’t think of this on my own.

I receive the most beautiful handmade cards for my children from my husband’s Aunt Pat. She inherited a large collection of buttons from my husband’s Great Grandmother. I just love that my daughter gets a little bit of family history with each birthday or Christmas card.

I was told “When you live through a great depression you save everything!” And this is one of the things people always did. If you were going to throw out a piece of clothing or turn it into a rag you took all the buttons off and saved them. Makes sense! And I am ashamed to say I have not always done this. I usually donate clothes that I no longer wear but I have worn things to death and have tossed them without thinking about reusing perfectly fine buttons! Ughhhh

Anyways, back to reusing buttons. I love the way these buttons make anything fun. You can make your cards with them as above, or spruce up that ugly boring picture frame you can’t get yourself to use. Oh and I’ve even used buttons for actually taking the place of a missing button on clothing too. Miss matched buttons can be super cute looking as well. I bet buttons could be turned into a cute broach or earrings. What are some of your ideas?


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