Reusing for a Baby Shower


It’s so hard to use baby’s clothes to the fullest. They grow out of everything so fast that it only makes sense to use hand me downs and to give your gently used baby clothes to a pregnant friend. But  what could I do with 15 used white onesies?  They were in great shape, but 15 is a lot!  Some were new to my babies and some were handed down as well.

Well it worked out perfectly for the baby shower I threw on Saturday. My brother and Sister in law are welcoming a baby girl in a month so I thought it would be fun to have the new baby’s cousins all decorate these onesies for the shower. I bought a few fabric paints, markers and stencils and let the kids be creative. They all turned out so wonderful. This ended up being such a great personal touch for the Mommy to be.  15  boring white onesies were turned into 15 one of a kind outfits for the baby. Not to mention, I didn’t have to buy much to decorate for the shower with since these adorable onesies filled the room.

I also re-purposed a full package of size one diapers that we didn’t get to use since my son grew out of those so quickly. I used these to make a pretty diaper cake. I did buy the decorations for the cake but I reused all my ribbon trimmings for other projects to come.

On another note about diaper cakes: It was fun to reuse all the decorations off my diaper cake from my baby shower for my daughter. I glued them to the outside of her first year’s scrap book. This scrap book brought the whole jungle theme of her shower and nursery together. I’m still trying to finish that book and she’s about 29 months old! Let me know if you ever figure out how to  re-purpose time……


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