Monthly Archives: September 2011

It’s a start


I used to be a full time makeup artist but now a full time stay at home mom. You moms know how hard this job is and most of us have to sacrifice a lot to do this. Now as a Mother I’m always looking for ways to reuse and save money. Kids cost a lot! As a makeup artist I have spent thousands of dollars on fantastic makeup that has an expiration date.  So I started going through my collection to start using most for myself. Why would I buy makeup for myself when I have so much just sitting and waiting? I’ll still have enough for the occasional wedding. And by the time I’m able to do this job again during the week, this makeup will have gone bad and I HATE wasting. I can’t just throw money away!

One great thing I’ve learned on the job is blending makeup. Here are some great tips on saving money when you buy the wrong makeup and can’t take it back. I found some liquid foundation that is too light for me and some that is too dark. Guess what? I mixed them and got the right color. I make it lighter for the winter, and a bit darker for the summer. How much more natural can you get? If I have liquid foundation that you feel is too thick, mix with some of your favorite moisturizer and you get a great tinted moisturizer, my favorite.  I also found some great mineral or powder foundation that was too light but a great brand so I couldn’t give it up. I applied it as usual and just added some bronzer to my neck, blending the colors, and slightly dusting the rest of my face. You couldn’t even tell! I love saving and reusing.

This is why I wanted to start this reusing blog. I want to share my ideas with other Moms and friends and to get great tips like this back. Lets share together and reuse, be creative and save money.